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Deliver video with the consistent quality your customers demand! In the highly competitive digital marketplace, you need proven solutions to encode and deliver your content in multiple simultaneous streams, in multiple formats, with adaptive bit rates and resolutions.

Niagara Products support the most popular Content Delivery Networks including Akamai, DaCast, Ustream, and YouTube. Our streaming systems are also compatible with the streaming media servers such as Adobe Media Server, Microsoft IIS, and the Wowza Streaming Engine, PC players such as VLC and IP Set Top Boxes. We are also commonly used to stream to AT&T UVerse head ends.

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  • Source: Camera, switcher, IP ingest, etc. — provides a video signal to the Niagara Streaming System.
  • Encode: the Niagara encoder streams the content to the server in the most popular streaming video formats, including RTMP & HLS.
  • Distribute: a hosted, dedicated streaming server or a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Playback: the server or CDN can live stream to almost any playback device, including PCs, TVs with STBs, and mobile devices including iPad, iPhone & Android.

If you need assistance designing your streaming architecture, looking for instructions on how to connect a Niagara stream to the most popular origin servers and CDNs, or just have questions on how Niagara Streaming Media systems may fit into your current workflow, please contact us!

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Markets Served By Niagara Video

  • Broadcasters and Narrowcasters

  • Operators and Service Providers

  • AT&T UVerse

  • Federal, State and Local Government

  • Content Delivery Networks

  • Business and Enterprise

  • Education and Training

  • Religious

  • Retail

  • Digital Signage Integrators

  • Others, such as Advertising,
    Medical and Insurance